It can be a complex matter to talk about your own products, but fortunately, it is much easier when other people do it for you! Here you can get an idea of what others write about the sauces from Sauce Umami.

The closest thing I have ever tasted to a chef made version! It is really good, and you actually have to be careful that it doesn't separate when you heat it. Nice texture, good butter taste and nice free of irrelevant flavours. I might miss a little more tarragon flavour, but you can add that yourself. The most expensive in the test, but also the supremely best. Best alternative to the homemade - actually better, than many homemade versions! In short, premade sauce béarnaise is a sauce thriller, but the test winner from Sauce Umami sticks out like a beacon!

Chef Editor / Food Reviewer Gastro
The leading food magazine in Denmark

Jens Peter Kolbeck, the "Grand Old Man” among the chefs, is the author of the internationally acclaimed cookbook "They call him The Silver Fox". Among other things, Jens Peter Kolbeck writes as follows:

Restaurateur, former Royal Chef
Bocuse'd Argent  93
Gastronomic Consultant / Supervisor


Dear Sauce Umami,
My heartiest congratulations for the great review of your Sauce Béarnaise in Gastro! But of course, it being both superb and elegant, and I “almost” agree with Jesper Uhrup from Gastro in the description of it, except that I do not agree that it lacks extra tarragon. Personally, I think that the amount is appropriate and perfectly balanced, but that is up to the individual consumer to judge.

However, I do think that adding a little gravy from your fried item will only make the sauce even better, a sauce that is already wonderful and very tasty. GOOD WORK!

As for the Béarnaise with Piment d’Espelette chilli, it is also both refined and elegantly composed, and I think that young people in particular will be keen on that combination!

The Hollandaise is equally elegant, perhaps a little to the “fresh” side, which I personally would adjust with a little fish stock from the item to be served, but again beautifully and elegantly done. I totally agree with Jesper Uhrup that your sauces are better than many homemade sauces.

Congratulations on the result and good luck with the launch.

Jens Peter Kolbeck