Every single glass jar of sauce from Umami is the result of a simple, but far-reaching ambition; We want to make the restaurant’s gourmet-level available in people’s homes and give food lovers, big or small, the wonderful taste experience that genuine béarnaise and genuine hollandaise ought to be.

Therefore, Sauce Umami’s sauces are a result of 100% of the best and purest ingredients, many hours in the test kitchen and a persistent, uncompromising love of good taste. That goes for both the individual spoonful of sauce and in the bigger picture.

All of Sauce Umami’s ingredients are organic. Chemicals, additives and colourants are “NO GO” in our sauces. We only use ingredients from animals that have lived a good life, thus helping to ensure that the nutritional value and flavour of each sauce is top-notch, which will make us enjoy the food more, eat less, but do so in a way that is better for us. When you select a Classic Béarnaise, a Chili Béarnaise or a Classic Hollandaise Sauce from Umami, you should know that you have an eye for the best. It may not look like much in a glass jar, but together we shall gradually fill the world with a little more tastiness. Bon Appetit!



At Sauce Umami, we are actually rather proud that we can introduce you to the first and only genuine organic emulsified sauces on the market. Classic Béarnaise, Chili Béarnaise and Hollandaise, all whipped with real butter, real egg yolks and our very “own” Béarnaise essence, tarragon and spices, just like a chef would do it in a professional kitchen.


A genuine Béarnaise whipped by a top chef can NEVER be duplicated in an industrial kitchen! Such was the general and widespread view in both the retail and the gastronomy industry, and it was this, in our opinion, unsubstantiated view that we set out to challenge!
We wanted to show and demonstrate that by using the best ingredients, modern technology and visionary innovation, we could match the level of the best restaurants, and according to one of our retailers, we have succeeded!

Vi ville vise og dokumentere, at ved at bruge de bedste ingredienser, moderne teknologi og visionær innovation, kunne vi matche niveauet på de bedste restauranter, og ifølge en af vores forhandlere er resultatet ikke udeblevet!

This sauce is the closest that you can get to whip up a Béarnaise sauce of your own, that is if you are not a champion in a kitchen. All sauces are organic, 100% natural and without a lot of peculiar taste and consistency-enhancing ingredients. In our view, our efforts to create the closest that you can get to a prepared genuine sauce, have been so successful that it will be difficult for even a skilled home chef to copy the results.

It is the perfect alliance between good egg yolks and good butter, balanced with white wine vinegar and seasoned to perfection with tarragon. The perfect companion to a perfectly cooked steak, but also to poultry or veal and lamb.”

The classic


Classic with a twist

Chili Béarnaise

The base



You can eat the sauces cold from the fridge, at room temperature, or you can warm them slightly.

Keep in mind that you should not heat a genuine sauce above 60 degrees as the sauce otherwise will separate.

Place the glass jar with its lid on, in a small saucepan with cold water and turn on the heat. When the water boils, remove the pan from the heat.

Leave the sauce in the water for about 4-5 minutes. Remove the lid and serve.

Bon Appetit!