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Chili Béarnaise



The closest thing I have ever tasted to a chef made version! It is really good, and you actually have to be careful that it doesn't separate when you heat it. Nice texture, good butter taste and nice free of irrelevant flavours. I might miss a little more tarragon flavour, but you can add that yourself. The most expensive in the test, but also the supremely best. Best alternative to the homemade - actually better, than many homemade versions!

Jesper Uhrup Jensen
Chief Editor / Food Reviewer Gastro
The leading food magazine in Denmark


ORGANIC GOURMET BÉARNAISE WHIPPED WITH BUTTER & EGGS Welcome to the World of Sauce Umami’s genuine emulsified sauces! You may be contemplating whether to buy Sauce Umami’s “genuine” Sauce Béarnaise — and to help you along the way we would really like to tell you a little about our new sauces. At Sauce Umami, we are actually rather proud that we can introduce you to the first and only genuine organic emulsified sauces on the market. Classic Béarnaise, Chili Béarnaise and Hollandaise, all whipped with real butter, real egg yolks and our very “own” Béarnaise essence, tarragon and spices, just like a chef would do it in a professional kitchen.


When we prepare our sauces at Sauce Umami, choosing high quality, genuine ingredients is essential for the final product, and therefore we have selected only the best qualities, ranging from real organic Danish butter and organic Danish eggs — to the very soul of our sauces — i.e. “the essence” that will give the sauce its perfect acidity balance. In our test kitchen, we quickly realised that the soul of a “genuine” Béarnaise is the essence. It is the essence that adds character to the sauces, and this is where the choice of white wine vinegar as well as white wine and spices is absolutely essential for the good and authentic


If you have the ambition to make a sauce Béarnaise to match the version on the best restaurants, you need to include not only the best ingredients, but also the best techniques, and we will venture the assertion that not many restaurants can match the technique and knowledge that we use to produce a genuine Sauce Béarnaise from Sauce Umami.



With over 200 stores in Denmark, it should be an easy to find a local Sauce Umami retailer near you.

Danmark har kokke i verdensklasse og restauranter med et tårnhøjt gastronomisk niveau. Det skal kunne smages helt ud i detailbutikkerne og i de oplevelser, der venter på køleskabshylden i danskernes hjem”

Henrik Bach Jørgensen, Stifter af Sauce Umami